You Take the Cake

you take the cake

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Hi Everyone! These “You Take The Cake” mason jars are a great end of the year gift for teachers, classmates, office staff and really anyone who has helped out during the year. (SO looking forward to summer!) They also work perfectly for really anyone you would like to give a little thanks to!

you take the cake

To make these You Take the Cake Jars, you will need

Mason Jars

Cake- Make a recipe of your favorite cake (box mix is fine). Follow directions for baking in a 9×13 pan. Let cool completely.

Frosting- Make your favorite frosting recipe

Any Add In (optional)- I put peanut butter chips in my jars.  You could also easily do M&M’s, crushed Oreos, toffee, chocolate chips



Using a round cookie cuter, glass, or other such item, cut a cake round slightly smaller than the width of your mason jar.  Press into the bottom of the mason jar. Top with a layer of butter cream, then add in, then another layer of frosting and finally one more layer of cake.  Cap jars with lids.

you take the cake

Download the You Take the Cake tag by clicking here. For best results, print on bright white card stock using any printer.  Attach to jars with some pretty ribbon.

you take the cake

These treats will surely make anyone happy.  Imagine your kids’ surprise if they found this in their lunch! They would think you’re the best Mommy ever:)





  1. margarita says

    Is butter cream another name for frosting?
    Looks really great….wish I could download the tags

    • Jenny says

      It is a type of frosting. It is the frosting you usually get on a cake- You can actually use any type of frosting


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