Lucky Charm Bowls



Hi everyone! I want to share a super quick and easy treat using the “You’re My Lucky Charm” tags from yesterday. Simply fill a to go containers with Lucky Charms.  Make a golden spoon by painting the handle of a wooden spoon with gold paint and then sprinkle on gold glitter.  I love Martha Stewarts glitter.  Attach the spoon to the container with the tag using bakers twine.  Set out for a fun breakfast for your loved ones.


Honestly, what child wouldn’t like waking up to this adorable treat.  It would also be so fun to take a bunch of these to work or a school for the staff.  They are super inexpensive and quick to make but such a festive way to celebrate the day.

lucky charms


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Wooden spoons, twine and bowls can be found in my Etsy shop by clicking here.

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