Pencil Party Favors

pencil gum ball tubes

Hi.  Aren’t these the cutest ?!?!  I am totally in love with them.  Of all the gum ball tubes I have done, I think these are my favorite.  If you are hosting a back to school party or need a treat for the classroom, these are just “write.”

pencil gum ball tubes

I love that they can be used throughout the year.  Make sure to pin a photo if you want to use them at Christmas or for teacher appreciation in spring.

pencil gum ball tubes

These favors are so simple to assemble.  Gum ball tubes are available here and can be purchased in set of 10, 15, 20, or 25 and come with the free tag download which you can attach using baker’s twine available here.  To fill the tube, you need a Hershey Kiss, 5 yellow gum balls, one silver gum ball and one pink gum ball.  I grab mine from our local party store.

pencil gum ball tubes

If you are trying to avoid the treats, these tubes also look great filled with pencil, colored or regular.

school tubes


Can you think of anything else to fill these with? Leave your idea in a comment. The excitedment of going back to school is starting to grow:)

Our Popsicle and Target giveaway ended today.  Click here to see if you have won.  If you didn’t win this month, don’t worry.  Popsicle is hosting  another giveaway next month.





  1. Sandy Curtis says

    So you can only get the tag if you purchase the tubes? I really like this project but already have your tubes! Thanks for sharing your AWESOME ideas!

  2. Jody Jardes says

    Hi Jenny – I too have your tubes on hand – can I buy just the tag download? It’s really cute! Thanks

  3. Linda White says

    I have the tubes but would love to have the tag printables, any way to purchase???? They are adorable!!


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