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Hi all- One of the best things about the Good Start Granola that I shared here is that it makes a great gift.  The granola will stay fresh in a sealaed container for over a week.  While anyone would love  the granola regardless of how it’s packaged, you know I’m all about making it cute.  How you wrap things up make all the difference in the world.

good start Granola

Here, I layered the granola with dried fruit in a mason jar.  I punch out a pice of kraft paper to put under the lid and attached this fun tag with twine.

good start granola


The tag as always is free for my sweet readers by clicking here.  If you would like the tag personalized, click here.  You can cut out the tag with scissors or use a tag craft punch available at Michaels to make the tag in the photo.


good start granola



Here is the best helper ever.


For more ideas on how to wrap thing up, visit my pinterest board found here. On another note, I am LOVIN’ my photographs lately.  We moved into our rental a while ago and I final found a great light source.  That too makes all the difference.

Make sure to enter the giveaway that I posted over the weekend!





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