Woodland Fairy Invites

Hi Everyone- The last of my friends that I’ve invited to share is Melissa from My Party Passion.  She is an amazing stylist and her parties are always filled with lots of clever details

Hi, it’s Melissa from My Party Passion sharing with you today a cute way to showcase your Woodland Fairy Party Invite.

Last year our daughter, Samantha, was turning 3. She is such a free spirit and loves the outdoors, I knew some sort of outdoor party was right for her.  Trying to keep with a little “girly” theme, I designed a Woodland Fairy Party.

The invite started it all…… photo (11)

I created it on Microsoft Word (not being a graphics designer at all) and went from there.  Keeping in line with browns, oranges, greens…I knew I had to come up with something of the “nature” design.  Using brown craft paper crinkle paper and a paper towel roll…the invite was born.

photo (13)

I hand delivered all of these invites so that they would not get crushed in the mail.   However, I was told that these are deliverable by US Postal Service with no problem.

It was so simple yet so Woodland.  I found the “graphics” for the tags on Microsoft Word also.  Using the “wood” for the Woodsmen Invites and the Butterflies and Fairies for the fairies invite.

The party itself was a huge hit and continues to get Pinned a dozen times a day.

woodland fairy party 080
woodland fairy party 102

I hope the fairy pays you a visit!  Party On Friends!

Visit Melissa at My Party Passion or The Joy of Home Education


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