Make It Monday- Fairy Cakes

fairy cookie cakes Happy Monday- I have seen these adorable little cookie cakes on a few dessert tables and simply fell in love with them.  So when I needed a craft for my daughter’s fairy birthday party, these little confections seemed like the perfect idea.  For the fairy cakes that I made for the dessert table, I bought “naked” cookies from one of my favorite cookies makers.  Try as I might, I simply can not stop my cookies from spreading.  I made the ones that the girls used to make their own fairy cakes.  The girls were less picky than I.:) For display, I glittered the bottom of my glass dessert stand using Mod Podge and glitter.  It looks so pretty and washes off easily so it wont harm your glass.

You need IMG_7857

  • Stiff buttercream frosting in any color- use your favorite recipe but add a bit more powdered sugar.
  • sugar cookies in two sizes- mine were 2 inch and 3 inch. You need 3 of the large size and 2 of the smaller size.
  • sugar flower- I bought mine from Michael’s

Starting on the outer edge of your largest cookie, pipe frosting to cover the entire area. Stack a cookie on top and repeat. IMG_7858

Turn your smaller sized cookie upside down and pipe your frosting around the edge.  Turn it over and place in the middle of you larger cookie stack.  Pipe frosting around the top side and place small cookies on top. IMG_7859

Smear a bit of frosting on the back of your sugar flower and press onto cookie cake. fairy cookie cakes


Simple, adorable, and very professional looking.  Hope you have a great week.  Almost unpacked:)




  1. says

    So Pretty! This looks like an enchanted tiny cake! My girls and I will have to make these for our “Fairy Camp” Themed week this summer. They would love it!
    Thanks for the great idea! Angela at


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