Chocolate Brownie Heath Trifle

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When I offered to bring dessert to a birthday I was attending last week, my friend suggested I bring the “chocolate thing” I make. WHAT? She totally stumped me.  I am not a huge chocolate lover so I really don’t have a collection of go to chocolate recipes.  When I asked Tracy for details she responded that I had made it for a COUPLE of parties.  WELL?!?!? Thank goodness I blog and take lots of photos.  I figured out that she was referring to this yummy trifle that I first made for the Baby B Birthday that I did.

Trifles are so simple to put together and much more about layering yumminess rather than making/baking anything.  I thought I better share this before I forget again!  Makes me wonder about all the other good things that I have forgotten:)

You need

Chocolate Pudding- For this recipe I used 2 large boxes of instant chocolate pudding PLUS (secret ingredient) 1 Tablespoon of instant Espresso Powder.  This cuts the sweetness a bit and
gives the chocolate a better depth of flavor. It does not make the pudding taste like coffee.

Whipped Cream- Recipe found here

Heath English Toffee Bits- These are a little hard to find but WORTH THE HUNT.  You can also buy Heath bars and crush.

An 8×8 pan of Brownies crumbled into 1 inch cubes for a large bowl  or smaller for individual cups- I used Ghirardellis Double Chocolate Brownie Mix which has chocolate chips in the batter.  I honestly can’t make better ones from scratch.

This can be made in a trifle bowl, regular bowl or in individual cups. The technique is the same regardless of the vessel used.

Put the whipped cream and pudding in piping bags or large ziplock bags with the tips cut off.  Begin layering ingredients starting with pudding then whipped cream. Top with crumbled brownies and heath pieces.

Repeat pudding and whipped cream layer top with brownies.

There’s really no way to mess this up!  Switch out any of the layers for other flavors or goodies.
Off to a great week!


  1. says

    WOWZA!! Every word in the title of this recipe make my mouth water {LOL} & the pic looks even better ! :*) Pinning!! Thanks for the great recipe!!


  2. Kathy lutz says

    Can this be made the night before? I have a mid-day potluck affair, but I must be to work by 6 AM. I’d love to take this but unless it holds well overnight… anyone?.


    • Jenny says

      It should be fine! Sometime I make all the components and then assemble right before but the left overs are always great so I imagine it would last just fine.

  3. Kathy lutz says

    Thanks Jenny, It looks wonderful, I very much dislike desserts made with “cool whip” so I can’t wait to wow them and I’ll be sure to send everyone your siteI

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