Make It Monday- Mummy Lanterns

I found lots of inspiration for these lanterns on Pinterest.  My daughter and I made big versions of these for the front porch.  It reminded me how much I love cheesecloth for Halloween.  You can wrap anything with it for a spooky effect.  Remember the cheesecloth wreath I made last Halloween (tutorial here)?

Use cheesecloth to wrap any bottle, including soda bottles, for a quick, fun decoration.

You need
goggley eyes
water based glue so it will wash off after Halloween
glass hurricanes

Cut your cheesecloth into 2 inch strips.

Use a dab of glue to secure the end of the cheese cloth to the hurricane

Wrap the cheesecloth around the hurricane.  Tie the pieces together to create a mummy effect.  Add in extra ties if you need more.

Glue on the eye.  All done!

Have a great week!



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