Make It Monday- Bunny Bait

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Happy Monday!  As I’ve said, I try to pick things for Make It Monday that with very little creativity can be easily adapted to any party theme or holiday.  This Bunny Bait is an adaptation of my Leprechaun Lunch from a few weeks ago.  I simply added a few more ingredients and a new tag and now I have an adorable and yummy spring treat.  As always, you can download the tag here.  Print on bright white card stock for best results.

Supplies: Rice Chex, pretzel sticks, white melting candies, spring sprinkles, white pop corn and M&M’s

Spread 2 cups pretzel stick, 2 cups Rice Chex and 1 bag white popcorn on cookie sheet.

Pour melted white melting candies over mixture and stir to coat.  Then sprinkle on your spring sprinkles.  Do not mix after sprinkling or you will coat the sprinkles.

Once the mix is set, add M&M’s and then package for neighbors, for a party or in individual treat bags.


  1. 5 says

    I was already planning to make some Bunny Bait but I would love to have the tags. Thanks!

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    Anonymous says

    I would love to make these! If you are sending out tags, I would love to have them! stephanieleighdoherty at yahoo dot com

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    These are simply adorable and I think I’m going to make this for my nieces and nephews this year instead of making up bags of candy! I’m sure they don’t need the additional sugar anyway! I would absolutely LOVE to have the tag to attach to the baggies!

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    Anonymous says

    Love this idea! Going to use it for out neices and nephews. would love to get the tags to use please. thanks for all of your cute ideas!!!

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    I know your getting a lot of requests, but could you email me the bunny tags too! They are so cute n will be perfect for my sons preschool class! I’m so happy I came across your blog on pinterest! I’m now following you on Facebook Jd pinterest! TIA jheape1@me.con

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    Such a great idea!!! My daughter will totally get a kick out of doing this and i’m sure it will become a little family tradition that we do each year. I will def be following you on Pinterest and Facebook. If you could please email me a copy of the tag. My email address is Thank you so much!!! I look forward to checking out the rest of your blog.

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    Heather Wright says

    Hi! I am so glad I found your blog and I am now following you on pinterest as well! ;) I am planning on making some bunny bait bags for my son’s easter party at preschool.. could you please send me your super cute tags? Thanks so much!

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    Anonymous says

    I’d love a copy of the tag, making it for teacher gifts!!
    momma2gap at yahoo dot com
    Please & Thank you!!! You are so creative!!!

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    Anonymous says

    Love the blog and your ideas!!!! I would also love the bunny tags ( Can’t wait to make it! Thank you!

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    I love this recipe and am looking forward to making it for my son’s first Easter to give to his Sunday School teachers! Could you email me the adorable tag printable to go along with the sweet gift? Thanks for sharing!
    Abhickman1018@gmail. com

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    I am definitely going to send these to my deployed husband and his unit in their Easter care package! I would love the tags! Also- could you tell me if you think it’s best to seal in a Gladware container as a whole or if individually bagging them would work? It takes about 5-7 days for them to get care packages where he is.

    Thank you and AWESOME project!

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    Anonymous says

    I love this idea and am now a new follower on pinterest. I would love the tag if you are still sending it out. I am glad I found your blog and can’t wait to see all of your ideas. Love it!

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    Mellonie says

    I love the bunny bait! I am a new follower. I would
    love to have the bunny bait labels to make this for my first grade students. Thanks so much!

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    Melinda Yeh says

    Hi there, I think you are very creative and talented! Found you on Pinterest! I am having Easter at my house with 40 plus people and I think this would be a Big Hit at the celebration!! I would love the tags, thanks for sharing!!

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    Anonymous says

    I would LOVE the downloadable tag for this yummy snack. Planning on sending it to preschool with the little one tomorrow and would love to add a cute tag to the bags. Thanks!
    ps LOVE your pins, happily following you!

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    Anonymous says

    I forgot to say in my earlier comment that I voted for your APPLE OF OUR EYE PARTY! I’m also following you on Pinterest…can’t wait to get the cute, cute tags!!

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    I’ve been a good girl…I voted, joined your blog, and liked it on facebook….could you please send me the tags? I would appreciate it…and so would my six little grandchildren. Thanks

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    Linda S. says

    Such a sweet idea. I would love to have the Bunny Bait tags. I just signed up for e-mails! Thanks!

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    How cute!!! I ws looking for something to give my students at the Easter Party Thursday and here it is!!! I would love the tags if you could please send them to me.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!!

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    These are so cute. Have all the ingredients and can’t wait to make them to bring some Easter cheer to our friends and family!! I would love both these tags and the bunny tails too please. Thank you so very much in advance!!

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    Kt says

    I would love the tags to make a cute snack for my daughters preschool class! Thanks and Happy Easter!

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    Kt says

    Posted a comment about the adorable tags yesterday, but failed to include my email address. Made the mix with my girls this evening, hoping to get the tags printed and packaged for school tomorrow.

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    I this is such a great idea. I would love to get the tags. my email is
    I recently started blogging ( a hobby mostley for family and friends and would love to share this, I will use my own pictures and give you full credit:-)
    thanks for sharing!

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    Hi! I love your bunny bait tags. I just became a follower and liked your facebook page. If you are still sending the tags out, i would really like them. kelliecrawfordsmith at thank you!

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    Pinned your bunny bait and now following you. I would love to have you send me the tags. I will definitely be making these for my little grandchildren’s baskets. Cute ideas. The tags will save me from a lot of time cutting and pasting and will look much better I’m sure. Thanks, Happy Easter

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    Robyn says

    I was just looking up a different recipe for bunny bait, and came across yours which seems much better. I would love to have those adorable tags as well, I’m sure you’re tired of sending them, but if you get a chance, my address is

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    Anonymous says

    I love the Bunny Bait ! I am going to make some today. Can you please e-mail me the bunny tag @ cdmcgreg@ . Thank you!

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    Anonymous says

    Thank you for this receipe. I really enjoy all of your ideas and inspiration! Could you please email me the Bunny Bait tags? Could you also please email me the tags with just the bunnies on them?

    Happy Easter!

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    Anonymous says

    Is it too late for the “bunny bait” tags? Would love it if you could still email it to me, beckyboorn @yahoo .com. If not, I completely understand! Thank you & Happy Easter!

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    I would love to have the tags please. We’re holding Easter this weekend with my stepdaughter and your bunny bait recipe is our saturday cooking project. Thank you so much for the adorable and yummy looking project! My email address is

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