Gem of A Friend

Gem of A Friend printable and gift from Bloom Designs Online

gem of a friend

Hi Everyone! I always like to close the school year (those are amazing words) with a treat from my children to their sweet friends. I feel like they’re accomplished something wonderful together so it does calls for a special little trinket. These You Are A Gem of a Friend favors are a great way to mark this event.  Ring pops are and have always been one of my kids favorite candies.  They will never pass one up.

gem of a friend

gem of a friend

gem of a friend

To make these treats you need:

  • mini cellophane bags or plastic bags
  • twine
  • ring pops
  • tags- download below


Take the ring pops out of the wrapper and repackage in clear bags.  Twine with twine and attach the tag.  Look how much better these beautiful treats look with a pretty wrap job.  (Good Reminder- Repackage as much as possible.  It usually makes you gift/food/whatever look so much better)
As always, the tags are free to all our Bloom followers. Simply click here to access the free download. The tags will be under our School Printables. For best print result, I recommend printing on bright white yardstick using a colored printer.

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gem of a friend

gem of a friend



  1. Kelly says

    So lovely! A perfect little sweet treat to end the year. I love your use of colour and white space.

  2. Betsy says

    I could not find the printable on Facebook after I followed your page. Can you please email it to me? Love it thank you!

  3. says

    I followed the link to your facebook page to print the Gem of a friend printable but I couldn’t find it. Has it been taken down? It is so cute!

  4. Carly says

    Adorable! We bought supplies to make these for this Valentine’s Day for my daughters class, but something in the file is not working. I click and it takes me to the page, everything looks good, but it won’t save or print. Any suggestions?
    Thanks :)


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