Pink Peppermint Krispies Treats

pink peppermint krispies treats

Hi Everyone!  Hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend.  We are starting off our holiday post in a very sweet way.  These Pink Peppermint Krispies Treats are perfect for the holidays.  With the addition of white chocolate and crushed candy canes, these are the perfect holiday bite plus they look so pretty.  These treats are easy to make and will stay fresh for up to a week; making them a great choice for cookies exchanges, class parties and pretty much any holiday celebration.

pink peppermint krispies treats

To make, you need

  • 6 tablespoons margarine (Yes, use margarine. For some reason, it makes the marshmallows melt better.)
  • 16 ounce bag of mini marshmallows
  • 11 cups Rice Krispies
  • 1 cup white melting chocolates
  • 2 cups of your favorite buttercream frosting
  • pink food coloring
  • crushed candy canes
  • peppermint extract- optional


  • Butter a 9×13 inch pan and then line with parchment paper. Butter the parchment.
  • Melt margarine in a large stock pot on low heat.  Add in marshmallows and melted until smooth stirring constantly. Once smooth, stir in a few drops of peppermint extract if desired (depending on how minty you want these to taste) and white chocolate. Mix until melted. Remove from heat.
  • Add Rice Krispies and stir until well coated.
  • Dump into pan and using buttered hands, push down firmly.
  • Once the treats have cooled, frost with pink-tinted buttercream frosting.
  • Sprinkle frosting with crushed marshmallow.
  • Lift out of pan and cut into squares.


pink peppermint krispies treats

pink peppermint krispies treats


Off to a sweet week!



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