Creating A S’Mores Bar

Hi Bloom Designs readers!  I’m so excited to be back here for another summer post from my blog anderson + grant.  I love sharing unique DIY projects, decorating tips, and ideas for making everyday special.

Did you know that National S’mores Day is just around the corner on August 10?  What better way to celebrate that by creating a S’mores Bar filled with all kinds of unique ingredients?!?!

During the summer months there is nothing better than ending the evening gathered around the fire roasting marshmallows and making s’mores.  There is something about a crackling fire that can take the stress away from the day.

A basic s’more made with graham crackers, marshmallow, and a chunk of a chocolate bar is delicious.  You can never go wrong with a classic.  But there are a lot of different ingredients that you can mix together for really unique flavors.

When you go to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream, they offer you some suggestions for favorite combinations or you are welcome to create your own.  For my s’mores bar I decided to use the same idea and offered some ideas for mixing up a great s’more…..or my guests are welcome to make their own combination.    This was simply typed up in a Microsoft Word document and placed inside of a frame.

The ingredients to construct those combinations were laid out in unique ways…..

Marshmallows inside of a glass canister.

Regular and Chocolate graham crackers in a vintage cheese box.

Different flavors of candy bars neatly displayed on a plate.

And a variety of berries in separate bowls.

You’ll also need to include something to roast your marshmallows with over the fire.  I used metal hot dog sticks, but you could use long wood skewers or go the natural route and have a collection of branches cut (and cleaned) to an appropriate size.

The great thing about creating this for a party is that is doesn’t take long to set up.  The candy and graham crackers remain in their original packaging and everything else is just simply poured into a container.

Add your own style touches based on the mood of your party.  I included burlap and some candles on rustic wood candlesticks resting on a cut round of wood.  A large chalkboard with an easy message is also included for an added special touch.


I really loved putting this s’mores bar together, but I enjoyed creating and eating them even more!

There is nothing you can mess up when creating your own twist on the traditional s’more….although I did have a small problem of wanting to catch every marshmallow I roasted on fire!

Time spent sitting around the fire is when great memories and moments can be made.  Whether you take the time to set up this “fancy” bar, you throw some packages of different ingredients on a tray, or you stick to the basic way to make a s’more, I hope you take the time to enjoy creating something with your friends and family.

Thanks for letting me share with you today!

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