Pretend Play Gemstone Sundaes

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Hello Bloom Design readers! I’m Heather from Woods of Bell Trees where we feature crafts and lots of jewelry tutorials! Today I’m sharing a fun project in honor of my favorite treat: ice cream! Instead of real cream and sugar we’re making pretend sundaes out of gemstones!

Pretend Play Gemstone Sundaes

kids-crafts-toy-gemstone-rock-bead-simple-gift-party-favor-summer-activity 1

E6000 glue or hot glue (if you’re doing this with the kiddos you can use another glue variety that’s safer for them)
Stones or beads
Mini tart tins

For itty bitty stones, fill the bottom of your tin with glue and sprinkle the stones in and make additional layers as high as you’d like your “sundae” to be. For larger stones you will want to be more intentional about where and how you place your stones so that they fit nicely and “look” like a sundae. Once the stones are placed and set, you can add smaller contrasting stones to look like cherries, sprinkles etc. And you can’t forget the cherry on top!

Once the hot glue is set and cool, the gemstone sundaes are complete and ready to be added to your little’s pretend play stash!

This is a quick (and not too messy) project that can easily be completed even during your busy back to school planning!

kids-crafts-toy-gemstone-rock-bead-simple-gift-party-favor-summer-activity 2

Heather is a work at home mom, and at any given moment she has a million crafty projects going that her puppy and boy always have a hand (or paw) in. Follow along at her blog or shop so you can help too!

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