Sprinkle Some Love Confetti

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Hi Everyone!  I am completely addicted to the heart shaped confetti in our Sprinkle Some Love favors.  It is all over my house and that isn’t bothering me a bit. My kids can not resist blowing it a bit everytime they walk by my work table.   It just looks so happy and festive.  While confetti is readily available from a store, it is so easy to make.  Anyone can do it!  All you need is a paper punch in the shape you would like to use and tissue paper.  Simply punch several layers of tissue at once so it doesn’t get caught in your punch.  It takes just a few minutes to make enough confetti for these favors.  Package it up and attach a darling tag and you’re done.  By making it yourself, you can be certain it matches your celebration.  You can make these love-ly tubes or boxes for everyone you love.  They work perfectly for classroom Valentines or party favors.  Who doesn’t love confetti!


Mini tubes found here.

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Eight inch tubes found here.

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IMG_5932 copy

Boxes found here.

IMG_5954 copy IMG_5959

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Tags free with purchase.

Make sure you are following Bloom Designs on Instagram for lot of sneak peeks! Love to all of you!  Off to a great week.


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