Christmas Candy Bark

christmas candy bark

Hello all!  If you need a quick, delicious, last-minute cookie or dessert for the holidays, Christmas Candy Bark is it.  It takes just a few minutes but is unique and delicious.  I took a pretty basic bark recipe and added a surprise ingredients- pretzels.  Sometimes, I find bark a bit too sweet.  The pretzels in this recipe add crunch and the salt helps balance the flavors.  Add whatever type of candy you want to the top.  Just make sure the colors and flavors are complimentary.

christmas candy bark


christmas candy bark

christmas candy bark To make you need

2 bags semi sweet chocolate chips

2 bags white chocolate chips

1 teaspoon vegetable oil

2 cups crushed pretzels (I used mini dippers)

2 cups crushed candy canes

1 bag mini M&M’s

Christmas sprinkles


Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.  Set aside

Melt semi sweet chocolate chips in a heat proof bowl in the microwave, stirring everyone 20 seconds until smooth.

Once melted, add pretzels and mix until covered.  Spread into a thin layer on the cookie sheet and let set.  You can pop it into the refrigerator of a bit to speed things up.



Using the same technique, melt white chocolate with the vegetable oil.  Once smooth, let it cool for about five minutes. Drizzle the white chocolate over the chocolate pretzel layer.  Carefully spread the white chocolate until you have a solid layer.  Sprinkle on the candy cane, M&M’s and Christmas sprinkles. Gently press down on the candies where need to make they stick to the chocolate.  Let harden and then break or cut into pieces.

christmas candy bark

christmas candy bark





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