Make It Monday- Easy Wooden Backdrop


Happy Monday everyone! I wanted to share an easy and versatile dessert table backdrop with you.  This wooden backdrop was made in under 30 minutes with alternating six and twelve-inch board.  I love the neutral backdrop this creates.  It gives just enough interest without being over powering.  I first used it at my Bourbon and Bluegrass Party and then painted it white for my Preppy Pony party.  I’m thinking about distressing it and using it at a party I’m doing this summer.


Generally I like my backdrops to be 40″ above the table. You will need to figure out how high you want you backdrop to be.

You need

  • 1×6 boards
  • 1×12 board
  • 3 2×2 posts
  • screws and a drill
  • clear varnish or paint and a roller

Have the 1×6 inch and 1×12 inch boards cut the length of your table at the store you buy wood from.  They will do this for free. I alternated 2 of the 1×12 with one of the 1×6 boards for added interest.  Use a drill and screws to attach the board to two by two posts. Use a paint roller to apply clear varnish or any color paint.



Although the cost for this is a little more than some backdrops, I think you’ll use it over and over again. Can you think of any other party theme you may use it for?

Off to a great week.






  1. Jennifer Cress says

    Hi Jenny, Thank you for posting this today. Question…what do you use to hold it up behind the table? Thanks.

  2. Alison says

    I have the same question as Jennifer… and then what is the third 2×2 post for? To put in the middle of the board??

  3. Jenny says

    Yes- use the 2×2 post one each side and in the middle of the boards. Hammer those into the ground to hold up the board

  4. Pierina says

    Hi Jenny! I absolutely love the bluegrass and bourbon theme. I’m in the process of hosting a party for my boyfriends 30th and will be having a cigar bar. I wanted to know how or where you got the personalized matches. Thanks Pierina

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