Friday Feature – Carol’s Robot 5th Birthday Party

I’m so excited to share this fabulous Robot Party with you today, that was styled by Carol of Partylicious in Puerto Rico! Carol has wanted to throw her son a Robot Party since he was a baby, but it took a little convincing. Finally for his fifth birthday, Carol was able to throw the party she’d dreamed about for four years, and as you’ll see she did an amazing job!!!


I just love every detail, especially these adorable invitations that she placed in metal CD boxes. Who wouldn’t be excited for a party with an invitation like this??

Carol created a fabulous dessert table, too. Can you tell what she used for the background? Galvanized sheet metal! In fact Carol used lots of metal elements to create an industrial feel throughout the entire party.

 She even made a pinata that acted as part of the decor until it was time for the game.

The dessert table was perfectly styled, with so many wonderful elements, down to even the smallest detail.

Specially designed printables were created just for the party.

Even the party favors fit perfectly with the theme. Silver take out containers were transformed into adorable robots!

So many details went into planning this adorable party – Carol’s son is one lucky little guy!


Make sure to hop over to Carol blog, Partylicious, or look for her on Facebook!


Stationary and clipart: Partylicious
Cake and cupcakes: Jovanna Valentín ~ Jovadiel Party Shop
Desserts: Noemí Nieves ~ Pastry Gallery
Macarons: Merari Tossas
Cookies: Peggy Pérez
Paper supplies: Shop Sweet Lulu
Crayon dispensers: Polda Dot Market
Photography: Carol Colón



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