Make It Monday- Rainbow Fortune Cookies

rainbow fortune cookies

Happy Monday Everyone.  I want to share a super easy way to dress up ordinary fortune cookies for any occasion.  These work especially great for St. Patrick’s Day because they deal with luck and rainbows but you could use any color sprinkle to adapt this project to any event.

rainbow fortune cookies

These white chocolate dipped fortune cookies are quick to make and are pretty inexpensive.   You can find individually wrapped fortune cookies in bulk at a big box store.  I think everyone, young or old, loves breaking open these cookies to find their lucky fortune.

rainbow fortune cookies


  • 8 ounces white melting candies or white chocolate chips
  • Fortune cookies
  • rainbow sprinkles


In a heat proof bowl, microwave white chocolate or melting candies for 40 seconds. Remove and stir well. Heat for 20 more seconds and stir.  Repeat until chocolate is smooth and melted.  Dip half of each fortune cookie in melted chocolate. Gently shake off excess chocolate and roll edge in sprinkles.  Set on wax paper.

Place cookies in a cool spot until chocolate re-hardens.

rainbow fortune cookies

Package them and deliver.  I used clear Chinese take out boxes and made a simple lucky you tag. You could also use cellophane or pretzel bags.

Off to a great week!



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