Friday Feature- Let’s Say Cheers


Hi Everyone! I am so happy to share this Let’s Say Cheers Party styled by Nicky of Sweet Details.  It is simply a beautiful party. Each individual item is so well planned and styled.   There are so many oohs and aahs.  I love this party theme as well.  While Let’s Say Cheers is perfect for a New Year’s celebration, it is also fitting for parties throughout the year (think adult birthday, graduations, going away party) There is always something to cheer! Sweet Details really perfected this theme.

1085164_412522378867435_874685213_o 1119939_412525498867123_1462427905_o Nicky writes

“I created this party especially for the ‘Celebrate’ book which is a showcase 15 different types of celebrations by a selection of 15 of Australia’s top party stylists. This being the theme, I chose New Year’s Eve as it is always a huge celebration wherever you go and calls for lots of sparkle. 1082543_412524258867247_727766745_o 1150302_412522812200725_85285207_n 1102687_412523435533996_1392394031_o 964550_412523458867327_1530803639_o 1017308_412524098867263_2100832587_n

To evoke a sense of fun I chose to use gold and glitter and lots of sparkle but to keep an elegance about the table I chose softer shades of pink and rose gold. I also included white cake stands and platters to help keep the table looking balanced and deliberately used a simple table with no tablecloth to keep the focus on the table styling and prevent it from all looking ‘too much’. To give a sense of playfulness the food labels were placed on angels. I also handmade the glitter cake flags and drink stirrers and added gold pom poms as well to further convey this. For impact I embellished a custom blackboard sign backdrop with glitter and gold fringing.” 1119939_412525498867123_1462427905_o 971436_412522662200740_831221230_n 1082540_412522988867374_384333528_o 1006317_412523075534032_419330920_n 981471_412522222200784_706317451_o 1091010_412523715533968_1866739891_o 1146167_412524468867226_2001833715_o 1090970_412524662200540_1409058548_o 543852_412693705516969_208050435_n 705123_412523815533958_2124851110_o

Photography: Giggles Photography –

Mini cupcakes: The Little Cupcake and Cookie Shop –

Macarons: Cookie Beans –

Printable food labels – the parchment place

Backdrop (less embellishments) – Classicology –

Sweet Designs definitely deserves to be in that book! You can find Sweet Details here or on Facebook.  If you would like to be featured, send your party details and photos to bloom

Have a great first weekend of 2014!





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