Pottery Barn Post- Chili Under the Oaks

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  Hope you had a nice weekend! We spent the weekend at the beach with some great friends.  It was the first time we were down there this year and so nice to get away.


I was so honored last week to featured on Pottery Barn’s Blog, Inside & Out.  They shared focused on my Chili Under the Oak’s s’more bar and drink table.  Although I hosted this party almost two years ago, still remains one of my favorites.  It was an adult only event and rustic outdoor setting combined with pretty tablescapes and lots of twinkle lighting created a relaxing but almost magical  mood.  Dinner was simple and all prepared mostly in advanced- chili, baked potatoes and salad.  It is a party that’s great to do as a yearly tradition and one that I will continue after we finish remodeling our house. I thought that I would share the photos again in case you are thinking about hosting an event this fall.  Keep the decorations and printables simple (black, white and natural) so that the amazing seasonal colors can shine through.

chili bar


cheese platter

smore bar

fall party

pumpkin cheese cake

fall party

smore bar




I would love for you to pop on over to Inside & Out and leave a comment.

Off to a great week!




  1. Michele says

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time and I am consistently fascinated by all of your ideas. I am just wondering how you come up with them and when do you find the time? Do you have a storage where you keep all of the decor pieces and serving pieces? I am in awe!

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