Friday Feature- Back To School Party

back to school breakfast

Hi Everyone- Life seems a little less crazy here now that school has been in session for a few weeks.  Our morning routine is down, so my kids and I decided to host a back to school breakfast for the kids in our neighborhood. The theme of the breakfast was Off To A Good Start and we used a simple red, white and black color scheme.   All types of yummy breakfast food was served in to go containers so that it would be easy for our guest to take it with them on their walk to school if time ran short.  Breakfast included good start granola, glazed donut muffins, mini fruit cups, cinnamon roll sticks, and cereals all of which was prepared the night before.  This is a must for me because I am not at all a morning person.  The only thing that had to be prepared that day was the homemade  oatmeal.




back to school party

back to school party

back to school party

back to school party

back to school party


It was such a nice way to start the day and such a great bonding experience for the neighborhood kid.  It’s definitely a traditional we will continue each year!

Fruit cups, chevron straws, milk bottles, wooden sticks, mini wooden spoons, muffin cups, and bakers twine available in my shop.

HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND! We are getting windows:)





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