Shoot For The Stars

Do you remember the Under the Stars Party that  I hosted for my daughter Audrey late last summer.  I wanted to share the Shoot for the Stars Game that was by far the girls’ most favorite activity.  It is so simple and easy  to make . Your kids will entertained way past the end of summer, star party or not.  By all means, substitute the pink ribbon for any color you like.

You need

  • star cutout in 3 different sizes- I bought metallic ones from Party City but you could cut your own from poster board
  • ribbon in your choice of color
  • two five feet lengths of PVC pipe and one six foot length the store should cut it for you for free
  • 2 90 degree ell pieces ( by the PVC)
  • spray paint any color
  • 2 metal rebar sticks about three feet long
  • something to shoot the stars with- I used Marshmallow Guns from Target but you could also use Nerf guns, tennis balls, bean bags, really anything


Using the five foot lengths of PVC for the vertical sides and the six foot length of PVC for the horizontal top piece, build your frame by adjoining the pipes with the 90 degree ell pieces

Spray paint and let dry.

Hammer the metal stick into the ground six feet apart.  You will need to leave about two feet above the ground.

Slide the vertical PVC post  over the metal sticks

Hang the stars from the frames with the ribbon.  Vary the height.

Time to play.  Each child get a set amount of tries.  The kids earn different points depending on which size star they hit.  This activity is great for kids of all ages!

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