End of Summer Popsicle Party

popsicle party

I have to be honest. My kids have loved my role as ambassador for Popsicle as much as I have.  We have done a lot of “research” on the brand and had quite a few taste test.   Each of my kids has their own particular favorite.


We are so into Popsicles right now that, we decided to celebrate the end summer with a Popsicle and pool party for all our friends.  As a party planner, I knew Popsicles would be the perfect theme for our party.  Nothing screams summer more than a Popsicle.  Although, I love all of the Popsicle varieties, I thought the classic box of Popsicles would be the perfect color scheme for our party.

popsicle party

The bold red, orange and purple colors works well with a hot summer afternoon.

popsicle party

popsicle party

Plenty of time to host a Popsicle party!  Download these adorable labels below for free to use for you party.  You can also cut them in half to use as gift tags. The invitation and complete line of Popsicle printables are available here.

popsicle labels

To download: Right click on the image, save to my computer, open in finder or adobe and print on a color printer.

Come back later for your chance to win a free Target gift card and Popsicle products.  Also, need some Popsicle ideas?  You can now follow Popsicle on Pinterest. Can’t wait to share our party with you in a few week.  Can’t think of a better way to end summer.

This post was written in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Popsicle Blogger Program. Visit www.facebook.com/popsicle to join the conversation. However, all opinions are strictly my own.





  1. Lisa Wenckus says

    I LOVE this idea!! I cannot wait to see all of the details and plan my own! Unfortunately, I am not able to download the selected free printables…it only allows me to pin them.

    • Jenny says

      Hi Lisa- I just tried it. Make sure you are right clicking and saving them to your computer- you need to open the file and print from that. I will send it to you by email

  2. Lisa Frank says

    Love it, so darling!

    May I ask what calligraphy font you used? It’s so light and pretty!

    Lisa Frank


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