Make It Monday- Paper Garland

Before we start, Make sure to come back tomorrow to see some big news about the Chillin’ and Grillin’ Pinterest Party that I am co-hosting with Craft That Party.


With each party I do, I try to test out a new craft project that I have seen.  Paper garland is available on so many Etsy sites and is available in endless colors, shapes and sizes.  It is so simple and quick  to make though.  There is really no reason to buy it.  I made all of the garland that you see at my Strawberry Party in about 30 minute start to finish.  You do need a sewing machine.  If you don’t have one , it’s worth borrowing one for this party.


You need

  • your choice of colored cardstock
  • paper punch or punches in the shape you want to use
  • thread for your sewing machine to match IMG_7374


Use the paper punch to make your shapes.  The amount you need will depend on how much garland you want and how far apart you space the shapes

Thread your machine with coordinating thread.  Star feeding though the paper.  So easy!  No special settings or needles needed.  Leave some space before feeding through the next shape.  Keep the spacing consistent for a polished look. (Mine is not perfectly polished:))

IMG_7382 XO,




  1. Dawn says

    Just made these for a party/dinner I planned this past Sunday…love how they turned out, So quick, easy and CUTE! Thanks for the party post which reminded me of this idea.

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