Make It Monday- Witch’s Brew Bottles

Looking for a fun Halloween hostess gift or party favor?  These Witch’s Brew Bottles are easy and quick to make and would work well for any holiday or party theme. It’s a great way to glam it up this spooky season.

You need-

Wine or champagne- try to choose a bottle who’s top coordinates with the colors you are using
Glitter- I use Martha Stewart’s
painter’s tape

Step 1- Remove labels and paint the entire bottle in a base color.
 Step 2- Let dry then tape off the lines or any pattern you like with painter’s tape.  

Step 3- Paint the entire bottle again and immediately sprinkle on glitter.

Step 4- Peel off tape.  Use a small paint brush to touch up any mistakes.

Step 5- Attach ribbon and tag.
You can skip the painter’s tape all together.  Just paint the entire bottle and cover with glitter when still wet.
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I had seen the idea for the glittered bottles on Pinterest but my daughter suggested making witches brew out of them.  So, credit for this should go to her.  Thanks Audrey! Off to a great week!?!


  1. Anonymous says

    This is perfect! I am going to a Halloween bridal shower so this will now be included with my gift. Thanks so much! – Patty

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